Preparing for a Home Inspection

So you've listed your home on the market and it went under contract! Congratulations! Now is the time to prepare for the buyer's home inspection, if you haven't already prepared by getting a pre-listing home inspection (pro-tip: getting a pre-listing home inspection is the way to go). What can you do to prepare for success as a homeowner and seller during this process? Below are a few recommendations.

During the inspection process, the home inspector will check the function and operation, safety, and condition of most items, systems and components of the home, meaning the inspector needs access to all of these. Obstructions from around the perimeter of the home should be moved away so the inspector can get up closely in all areas. Appliances should be clutter free so the inspector may test them. Sinks should be empty so that plumbing may be tested. Electrical outlets and panels should be readily accessible for testing. If the property is vacant, the utilities must be turned on to properly assess and report on the home. Clean your home well prior to the inspection. Replace bulbs that have burned out, and replace the furnace filter, as these are easy things you can do yourself to show the buyer that your home has been well cared for.

You can go above and beyond by getting a pre-listing inspection, that way you may be prepared to ensure you address all repairs necessary on the home that might have gone unnoticed to an untrained eye prior to the negotiations process and closing, leaving you in better standing to get the most out of your investment.

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